AI for companies without a line of code

AI for companies without a line of code

Boost your business growth with data-driven decisions without programming, if you can use excel, baremo takes care of the rest, because every company should be AI enabled.





Your company has industry-specific problems that big companies are solving with artificial intelligence but you can't.

Your customers churn at a very high rate and that handicaps your company's growth

Are you tired of your products expiring before you can sell them?

You get stressed because your employees leave your company when you need them the most

You are running out of ideas to implement cross-selling and up-selling techniques

You are afraid when you stock up products because the demand from your customers is very unpredictable.

You would like to detect problems on your production lines before they happen so you can finally rest easy at night.

We believe your company deserves to be AI enabled...

With baremo you will be able to solve business problems like leading companies do

We know how hard it is to implement the best technology for your company.

You don’t need to trust anything else than your data.

Trusted by leading companies

How does your product/service solve your customer's problem?

Briefly describe how your product or service solves your customer’s problem. This is where you can describe what it is.

For example, if you sell an online course, this is where you could describe what the course is about. Are your customers going to learn how to hold their breath for three minutes? Who are the instructors?

This is not a place for you to put pricing or what’s included in their purchase or subscription. That comes later. Think of an iPhone: it’s a phone with a fancy camera. This section is to talk about the fancy camera and features. You’ll get to reveal the price and what’s in the box later. Not here.

3 simple steps to create a AI model without programming

Easy, fast and powerfull

1. Upload your data in an CSV file

You also can get your data ready through another data sources just as API, mysql connector, and no code platforms..

2. Choose the column to predict and let the magic happen

A machine learning model will be created for your use case and will be trained automatically 

3. Start taking data driven decisions in your company

You can solve classification problems, predicition problems or even anomaly detection problems

Your model will work or we will refund your money

We only want happy and satisfied customers, we are so confident you’ll be satisfied that if you are not, we will refund your money

Easy data load

You can easily upload your data in files (CSV, json, xls...) or through our mysql integration.

No code required

Start creating your machine learning models without a line of code.

Extract value from your data

You'll draw conclusions, get ahead of the curve and make smart business decisions from your data

You will find new paths to create value for your customers

Your company has not had the resources to exploit the richness of its own data until now, 

but with Baremo you’ll discover new limits. 


What you get

You get all this, plus the confidence you’re living your best life when you purchase PRODUCT today!

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